Iredell County Department of Social Services

Address: 549 Eastside Drive, Statesville, NC 28625
P.O. Box 1146
State Courier #: 09-34-01
Phone: 704-873-5631
Fax Number: 704-878-5419

Key Staff
Director: Yvette Smith 

Business Officer: Dan Edward, 704-878-5005 

Computer Systems Administrators: Angie Wood, 704-878-5416
Steve Yost, 704-878-5014 

Program Administrators: Angela Williams, 704-878-5392 

Child Protective Services Supervisor:
Intake: Sandy Morrow, 704-878-5020 

CPS Supervisors: Karen Thompson, 704-878-5042 
Suzanne Holly, 704-832-1832 
Jennifer Harrington, 704-878-5010 
Jennifer Hix, 704-928-2006 
Beth Caras, 704-878-5025 
Riva Daining, 704-878-5395 
Sharon Daniels, 704-878-5011 

Foster Care Supervisor: Diane Younger, 704-832-1831
Krista McMillan, 704-832-2362 

Adoption Services Supervisor: Shayna Rouson, 704-878-5096 

Adult Services/Adult Protective Services Supervisor: Jimmi Anne Johnson, 704-878-5089 

CAP Supervisor: Laurie Klum, 704-832-2381 

Adult Care Home Specialist: Donna Osborne, 704-832-2301
Kelly McMillan, 704-878-5088

Income Maintenance Administrator: Donna Rufty, 704-878-5085
Stephanie Davis, 704-928-2035

Health Choice / Family and Child Medicaid Supervisor: Terri Evans, 704-878-5006
Anna Teague, 704-878-5092 

Adult Medicaid Supervisor: Deborah Lambert, 704-878-5062 

Food and Nutrition Services/Fraud Supervisor: Selena Varnadore, 704-832-2345 
Germaine Roman, 704-878-5080  

Medical Transportation Coordinator: Michelle Johnson, 704-928-2038 

Day Care Coordinator / Work First Employment Program: Debra Christopher, 704-928-2034 

Child Support Supervisor: Maria Nesbit, 704-878-5077 

County DSS Board:
Sandra Redmond, Chair
Judy Ritter, Vice-Chair
Tammy Wellman
James B. Mallory, III
Linda Bledsoe

Board of Commissioners

NC Legislative Delegation