Jackson County Department of Social Services

Address: 15 Griffin St., Sylva, NC 28779
State Courier #: 08-23-17
Phone: 828-586-5546
Fax Number: 828-586-6270 or 828-587-2099
Emergency Phone: 828-586-1911

Key Staff
Director: Jennifer Abshire

Administrative Officer: Joan Buchanan, 828-587-2042

Adoption Services Supervisor: Ople Austin-Smith, 828-587-2062

Adult Services Supervisor: Kristina Kiska, 828-587-2053

Adult Medicaid Supervisor: Rhonda Monteith, 828-587-2019

Child Day Care Subsidy Program Supervisor: Cindy Moody, 828-477-4530

Child Support Enforcement Supervisor: Christi Hooper, 828-587-2052

Children's Services Supervisors:
Kimberly Davis, 828-587-2079
Christy Wyatt, 828-587-2045
Ople Austin-Smith, 828-587-2062

Computer Systems Administrator: Wendy Whigham, 828-587-2040

Family and Children's Medicaid Supervisor/Work First Employment Supervisor: Kim Cabe, 828-587-2035

Food & Nutrition Services Supervisor: Pamila Austin, 828-587-8957

Medicaid Transportation Coordinator: Jessica Ray, 828-587-2041

Personnel/Staff Training: Dianne Cauley, 828-587-2039

Social Work Program Manager: Sheryl Williamson, 828-587-2083

County DSS Board

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation