Johnston County Department of Social Services

Address: 714 North St., Smithfield, NC 27577
P.O. Box 911
State Courier #: 01-64-33
Phone: 919-989-5300
Fax Number: 919-989-5324

Key Staff
Director: Scott Sabatino

Human Services Deputy Director:  Sandy Connor (919) 989-5388

Income Maintenance Administrator II (NC FAST County Champion): Allison Smith, 919-989-5464

Income Maintenance Administrator I: Vynette Duncan, 919-989-5335

Administrative Officer: Lynette Byrd, 919-938-3996

Information Management: Forest Alford, 919-989-5338

Personnel Technician II: Simone Moore, 919-989-5678

Clerical Support Supervisor: Carla Hawley, 919-989-5454

Continuous Quality Improvement/Trainer Program Manager: Robert Tarpey, 919-989-5495

Child Welfare Program Manager of CPS Intake/Oncall/Investigations: Terrae Carmon, 919-989-5469

Child Welfare Program Manager of CPS In-Home/Child Placement/Adoptions/Extended Foster Care/Licensing/LINKS: Pamela Bowen, 919-989-5499

Social Work Program Administrator I: Wendy Whitfield, 919-989-5342

Foster Home Licensing/payments Supervisor Amy Keith, 919-989-5651

Child Protective Services Supervisors: Intake/On-call: Kristina Hargrove, 919-989-5396
Investigations: Brittany Naylor, 919-938-3986
Investigations: Melissa Williams, 919-938-3988
Investigations: Sarah Williams, 919-938-3992
Training team: Jessica Miller, 919-398-3991

In-Home Services Supervisors: Michael Miller, 919-989-5459
Teena Baker, 919-989-5397

Child Placement & Adoptions Supervisors: Susan Ahaus , 919-989-6698, Sara Cashwell, 919-938-3992

Child Placement/Adoptions: Elizabeth Gore, 919-989-5457

Adult Services Supervisors: Angie Brinkley, 919-989-5340 (CAP/SA In-Home/In-Home Aide)
LV McKillion, 919-989-5341(Intake/APS/Adult Day Care/Placement)
Jerricke Fontenette, 919-989-5468 (Guardianship/Adult Home Specialist)

Adolescent Parenting Program Supervisor: Nathalia Parrish, 919-934-7325x1194

Program Integrity Unit: Jason Grooms, 919-989-5683
Brittany Hunter, 919-209-7675
Letitia Ryan , 919-209-4108

Quality Assurance Supervisor:  LeeAnn Casey, 919-209-7641

IM Intake Supervisor Unit 1: Lynn Stanley, 919-989-5304
IM Intake Supervisor Unit 2: Deborah Crayton, 919-989-5303
IM Processing Supervisor Unit 3: Adriana Fortuno, 919-989-5660
IM FNS Recertifications Supervisor Unit 4: Bernadette Elliott, 919-989-5443
IM F&C Medicaid Supervisor Unit 5: Deidra Brown, 919-989-5455
IM F&C Medicaid Supervisor Unit 6: Cherie Jackson, 919-989-5689
IM F&C Medicaid Supervisor Unit 7: Elizama Landeros, 919-989-5352
IM Adult Medicaid & LTC Supervisor Unit 8: Amy Althaus – 919-989-5323
IM Energy/Child Care/Medical Transportation Supervisor Unit 9: Gail Grooms, 919-989-5451

Child Support Enforcement:
Angie Gardner, 919-989-5080 
Fax Number: 919-989-5627
P.O. Drawer 2275 Courthouse, Smithfield, NC 27577

County DSS Board

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation