Lenoir County Department of Social Services

Address: 130 W. King St., Kinston, NC 28502
P.O. Box 6 
State Courier #: 01-22-20
Phone: 252-559-6400
Fax Number: 252-559-6381
Emergency Phone: 252-559-6118 Nights/Weekends/Holidays

Key Staff
Director:  Jeff Harrison

Director’s Administrative Assistant: Shenida Adams, 252-252-559-6360

Business Officer:  Trina McGee, 252-559-6362

Personnel Technician: Tonya Branch, 252-559-6366

Staff Development Specialist: 
Vanessa Keyes, 252-559-6228
Kellye Wooten,  252-559-6364

Child Welfare: 252-559-6210

Child Support: 252-559-6349/6316

Economic Services: 252-559-6271

Social Work Program Manager: Vacant

Child Protective Services Supervisors: 
Kevin Sheets, 252-559-6213
Vacant, 252-559-6215
Kimberly Hill, 252-559-6239
Sonia Armstrong, 252-559-6239

Foster Care Supervisors: VACANT

Adoption Services Supervisor: Kimberly Hill, 252-559-6219

Adult Services Supervisor: Vacant

Adult Home Specialist: Angela Bowie

Income Maintenance Administrator's Administrative Assistant: Bridget Ervin, 252-559-6341

Economic Services Supervisors (Medicaid, FNS, Healthchoice, WFFA):
Ethel Dixon, 252-559-6297
LaTania Dixon-Moye, 252-559-6332
Melissa Hawkins, 252-559-6338
Sarah Parker, 252-559-6342
Melissa Mitchell, 252-559-6336
Cathy Ruiz, 252-559-6340

Work First Employment Supervisor: Jessica Godwin, 252-559-6237

Child Day Care Subsidy Supervisor: LaTania Dixon-Moye, 252-559-6332

Child Support Program Manager: Melissa Kennedy, 252-559-6352

Child Support Enforcement Supervisors: Debbie Martin, 252-559-6346

Medicaid Transportation:
Shelia Wooten, 252-559-6272
Deneen Phillips, 252-559-6270

County DSS Board:
Preston Harris Chairman
Ann Cherry Vice-Chair
Clay Howard 
Ty Eason
Kim Hazelgrove

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation