Lincoln County Department of Social Services

Address: 1136 E. Main St., Lincolnton, NC 28093-0130
P.O. Box 130
State Courier #: 09-02-07
Phone: 704-732-0738
Fax Number: 704-736-8727

Key Staff
Director: Tony Carpenter

Business Manager: Ruth Lockman, 704-736-8578

Administrative Support Supervisor: Sylvia Lowery, 704-736-8577 

Food and Nutrition Services/Work First Supervisor: Amy Gragg, 704-736-8603 

Food and Nutrition/Energy/Program Integrity Supervisor: Christina Vandiver, 704-479-2049 

Food and Nutrition Services Employment & Training Social Worker: Ben Berkowitz, 704-479-2061

Adult & Child Protective Services Intake: 704-736-8678

Child Protective Services Supervisors:
Leeann Dalton, 704-732-9009; 
Allison Black, 704-736-8812; 
Lauren Whitesides, 704-736-8805; 
Kelly Miles, 704-732-9021 

Children's Services Program Administrator: Sandy Kennedy, 704-736-8783

Foster Care/Adoptions Supervisors:
Sandy Houser, 704-736-2028; 
April Gullate, 704-479-2060 

Children's Services Program Manager: Mendie Kelly, 704-736-8770

Adult Services Program Manager: Clifidean Bethea, 704-732-1969 

Adult Services Supervisor:
Jennifer Sigmon, 704-736-8508;
Patricia Caraccia, 704-736-8610

Family Medicaid/Child Day Care Supervisors:
Tiffany Barnette, 704-736-8407
Julie Upton, 704-736-8592 

Adult Medicaid/Long Term Care Supervisor: Rhonda Duckworth, 704-736-8585

Adult Medicaid/NEMT Supervisor: Ashley Lail, 704-736-8579

Economic Services Program Manager: Thomas Mitchell, 704-479-2044

Quality Control Supervisor: Michelle Miller, 704-735-5895 

Child Support Enforcement Supervisor: Sharon Puckett, 704-736-8835

County DSS Board

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation