Nash County Human Services - Department of Social Services

Address: 120 Washington St., Nashville, NC 27856
P.O. Drawer 819
State Courier #: 07-72-11
Phone: 252-459-9818
Fax Number: 252-459-9833

Key Staff
County Social Services Director: Amy Pridgen-Hamlett

Deputy Director: Shea Neal, 252-459-1433

Human Services Director: William W. Hill, Jr., MPH, 252-459-9823

Business Officer: Melissa Whitehead, 252-459-1417

Social Worker Program Administrator: Kimberly Nicholson, 252-459-1286

Child Protective Services Supervisor: Amanda Jankowski, 252-459-1435 
Charon Hudson, 252-459-2451
Latrice Woodard, 252-459-1253

Foster Care Supervisor: Stephanie Grischow, 252-459-1257

Adoption Services Supervisor:  Latasha Ward, 252-459-1447

Adult Services Manager: Sarah Hill, 252-459-1434

Adult Protective Services Supervisor: Sarah Hill, 252-459-1434

Adult Care Home Specialist: Brenda Matthews, 252-459-1487

Work First Cash Assistance Supervisor: Deena Lancaster, 252-459-1462

Income Maintenance Administrator: Paula Person, 252-459-1423

Health Choice for Children Supervisor: Angel Carpenter, 252-459-1274

Adult Medicaid Supervisor: Audrey Jones, 252-459-1458

Family and Child Medicaid Supervisor: Angel Carpenter, 252-459-1274

Food and Nutrition Services Supervisor: Mary Reeves, 252-459-1477

Work First Employment Program Supervisor: Deena Lancaster, 252-459-1462

Child Day Care Subsidy Program Supervisor: Deena Lancaster, 252-459-1462

Child Support Enforcement Supervisor: Sonya Ward, 252-459-1384

Child Support Establishment: LaTonya Davis, 252-459-1390

Family Services/Energy/NEMT Supervisor: Helen Curry, 252-459-1609

Medical Transportation Coordinator: Marcia Mangum, 252-459-1427

Family Support Services Supervisor: Ginger Caison, 252-459-1473

Quality Control Supervisor: Tommy Woodruff, 252-459-1273

Staff Services Attorney: Jan Norwood, 252-459-1271

Child Support Attorney: Millicent Graves, 252-459-1272

Consolidated Human Services Board

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation