Orange County Department of Social Services

Address: 133 Mayo St., Hillsborough, NC 27278
P.O. Box 8181
State Courier #: 17-50-11
Phone: 919-245-2800
Fax Number: 919-644-3005
Emergency Phone: 919-732-8181

Key Staff 
Director: Nancy Coston

Human Services Manager: Lindsey Shewmaker, 919-245-2817

Human Services Manager: Sharron Hinton, 919-245-2840

Human Services Manager Child Welfare: Crystal Mitchell, 919-245-2767

Fiscal Operations Manager: Micah Guindon, 919-245-2803

Child Protective Services Investigative Supervisor: Annette Atwater, 919-245-2260

Child Protective Services Intake/Investigative Supervisor: Brittany Mann, 919-245-2746

Foster Care/Case Management Supervisors: Bernard Miles, 919-245-2243
Melissa McDonald, 919-245-2835
Whitney Moore, 919-245-2252
Lauren Shea, 919-245-2764

Foster Care Licensing and Adoption Services Supervisor: Karen Lewis, 919-245-2739

Adult Services Supervisor: Kim Lassiter-Fisher, 919-245-2881

Adult Home, Adult Day Care, and Adult Day Health Specialist: Charlie Williams, 919-245-2878

Prevention Programs Supervisor: Suzanne Hitt, 919-245-2850

Economic Services Intake Supervisors: Louise Moize, 919-245-2832
Elizabeth Phillips, 919-245-2270

Adult Medicaid Supervisor: Cathy Hill, 919-245-2825

Family and Children’s Medicaid Supervisor: Louise Moize, 919-245-2832

Food and Nutrition Services Program Supervisor: Terri Totherow, 919-245-2844

Program Integrity Supervisor: Lakecia Robbins, 919-245-2896

Employment Services and Work First Program Supervisor: Robert Gilmore, 919-245-2847

Child Day Care Subsidy Program Supervisor: Tina Clark, 919-245-2849

Medicaid Transportation Coordinator: Serena McPherson, 919-245-2774

Child Welfare Attorney: Deana Fleming, 919-869-7795

Guardian ad Litem Administrator:  Nicole Roman, 919-968-2088 Ext. 222

Child Support Enforcement: Erica Bryant, 919-245-2177 Fax: 919-644-3019
131 W. Margaret Lane, Hillsborough, NC 27278

County DSS Board

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation