Pamlico County Human Services Center

Address: 828 Alliance Main St., Bayboro, NC 28515
State Courier #: 16-50-11
Phone: 252-745-4086
Fax Number: 252-745-7384
Emergency Phone: 252-745-4086

Key Staff
Director: Deborah S. Green

Administrative Assistant to the Director: Deborah Jones

Program Manager: Sheila Stansberry

Children’s Services Supervisor: Lauren Weatherly

Adult Services Supervisor: Constance Gerald

Adult Medicaid Supervisor: Anita S. Mayo

Family and Children Medicaid Supervisor: Valda Loftin

Work First & Food and Nutrition Supervisor: Pat O’Neal

Day Care Coordinator: Caressa Cooper

Child Support Enforcement: Catherine Connell

Medical Transportation Coordinator: Deaquella Midgette

County DSS Board
Angelo Midgette, Chair
Alma Credle
Pat Prescott
Nancy Piner
Beth Bucksot

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation