Person County Department of Social Services

Address: 355-B S. Madison Blvd., Roxboro, NC 27573
P.O. Box 770
State Courier #: 02-35-02
Phone: 336-599-8361
Fax Number: 336-597-9339
Emergency Phone: 336-597-0500

Key Staff
Director: Carlton B. Paylor, Sr.

Deputy Director: Kristy Perry, 336-503-1132

Administrative Assistant: Joanna Thompson, 336-503-1151

Accounting/ Administrative Supervisor/ Personnel Assistant: Megan Elliott, 336-503-1130

Child Welfare Program Manager: Tyler Terry, 336-503-1184

Services Program Manager: Melinda Hudson, 336-503-1178

Child Protective In Home/ Foster Care Services Supervisor: Leslie Roberts, 336-322-8653

Foster Care/Adoption Services Supervisor: Kim King, 336-503-1157

Adult Services Supervisor: Tasha Kea-Glenn, 336-503-1197

Adult Care Home Specialist: Michele McCoy, 336-503-1117

Work First Employment Program/Child Day Care Supervisor/Service Intake Supervisor: Sandra Stanfield, 336-503-1165

Income Maintenance Program Manager: Brittany Majors, 336-322-8642

Adult Medicaid Supervisor: Donna Rimmer, 336-599-8361 Ext.1252

Child Protective Services Supervisor: Carrie Molina, 336-503-1247

Family and Child Medicaid Supervisor: Diane Oakley, 336-503-1125

Food and Nutrition Services Supervisor: Brook Toone, 336-503-1147

Clerical Supervisor: Keisha Ormond, 336-503-1139

Child Support Enforcement Supervisor: Shennel Slade, 336-503-1169 Fax: 336-503-1187

County DSS Board
Treco Lea-Jeffers, Chair
VACANT,  Vice Chair
Danny Johnson, Vice Chair
Fay Martin
Jason Thomas, County Commissioner

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation