Richmond County Division of Social Services

Address: 125 Caroline St., Rockingham, NC 28379
P.O. Box 518, Rockingham, NC 28380
State Courier #: 03-75-01
Phone: 910-997-8480
Fax number: 910-997-8447
Emergency Phone: 910-997-8283

Key Staff 
Director: Robby Hall

Operations Manager: Theressa Smith, 910-997-8379

Adult and Children's Services Program Manager: Theressa Smith, 910-997-8979 

Human Resources: Sheila Trotter, 910-997-8222

Accounting Officer: Christy Tew, 910-997-8299

Child Care Supervisor: Linda Taylor, 910-997-8467

Children Services Supervisors: David Richmond, 910-997-8496; Courtney Smith, 910-997-8457 

Children's Protective Services Intake: Amanda Ludlum, 910-997-8415

Foster Care Supervisor: Lakwanza Brown, 910-997-8449

Adult Services Supervisor: Karen Steen, 910-997-8414

Adult Home Specialist: Shastity Moore, 910-997-8430

Medical Transportation Coordinator: Tracy Fields, 910-997-8445

Adult Medicaid Supervisor: Marsha Rhodes, 910-997-8464

Family & Children's (MAGI) Medicaid Supervisor: Marsha Rhodes, 910-997-8464

FNS & Energy Supervisor: Darcey Wiggins, 910-997-8484

Clerical Support Supervisor: Linda Taylor, 910-997-8467

Work First & Crisis Supervisor: Linda Taylor, 910-997-8467

Child Support Enforcement Supervisor II: Jennifer Allen, 910-410-1191


County Human Services Board

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation