Union County Department of Social Services

Address: 2330 Concord Avenue, Monroe, NC 28110
State Courier #: 03-07-01
Phone: 704-296-4300
Fax Number: 704-296-6151
Emergency number: 704-289-1591

Key Staff
Director: Ashley Lantz

Children's and Adult Welfare Services: Main Phone Number: 704-296-4300 

Division Manager, Children and Adult Services: Monica Smith 704-296-4430

Foster Care/Adoptions/In-Home Services Program Manager: Alisa Etters 704-296-4410

Child Welfare Investigations/Intake/After Hours Programs Manager: Decora Bowers 704-296-4443 

Child and Adult Protective Services Intake Hotline: 704-296-6124

Afterhours: Union County Communications: 704-289-1591

Child Protective Services (CPS) Intake Supervisor: Tammy Goodson 704-296-6120

LINKS Program Coordinator: Tracey Woods 704-296-6158

Adoption Services Supervisor: Carol Roulhac 704-296-4340

Foster/In-Home Supervisors: Kara Torres 704-296-4450, Rhonda McClanahan 704-296-4338

Adult Services Program Manager: Karen Crowder 704-296-4452

Adult Protective Services Supervisor: Joi Bailey 704-296-4491

Adult Guardianship/Facility Programs Program Supervisor: Emily Parker 704-296-4492

Economic Services, Food and Nutrition / Child Care Subsidy / Medicaid Programs:

Division Manager, Eligibility: Karen Tucker, 704-296-4369

Food and Nutrition Program Manager: Robin Sheppard 704-296-4374

Food and Nutrition Supervisor: Lisa Gutierrez 704-296-4333

Food and Nutrition Supervisor: Shanda Esmonde 704-296-4385

Food and Nutrition Supervisor: Crystal Fowler 704-296-6143

Food and Nutrition Supervisor: Rasheen Rorie 704-296-6175

Child Care Subsidy Services:
Child Care Subsidy Supervisor: Stephanie Rivers 704-296-6131 

Appointment Line: 704-296-4339

Child Support:
Union County Child Support Enforcement Office 
Address: 1643 Campus Park Drive, Suite B, Monroe, NC 28112
Phone: 704-289-4356
Email: UnionCoinfo@veritas-hhs.com

Medicaid Program:

Medicaid Program Manager: Nicholas Jackson 704-296-4389

Adult Medicaid Program Supervisor: Courtney Ratliff 704-296-4397

Adult Medicaid Program Supervisor (LTC): Noelle Williams 704-296-4356

Adult Medicaid Program Supervisor: Tonya Martin 704-296-4318

Family & Children's Medicaid Supervisor: Vacant 704-296-4310

Family & Children's Medicaid Supervisor: Tracia Benard 704-296-4360

Family & Children's Medicaid Supervisor: Jeffrey Merriman 704-296-6163

Family & Children's Medicaid Supervisor: Amber Riley 704-296-4458

Emergency Assistance Programs:
Crisis Assessment Program Supervisor (Energy Assistance, CIP, LIEAP, Special Assistance): Tamara Blount 704-296-4493

Work First Program Program Supervisor: LaTifa Brooks-Clark 704-296-4320

Program Integrity / Economic Services Quality Assurance Programs / Fraud Programs: Dave Flaherty 704-296-4409

Program Integrity Supervisor: Roxann Smith 704-296-6138

Division Director Community Support/Outreach: Stephanie Starr 704-296-4302

Volunteer Services: John Tompkins 704-296-4312

Consolidated Human Services Board

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation