Wayne County Department of Social Services

Address: 301 N. Herman St., Goldsboro, NC 27530
Box HH
State Courier #: 01-15-33
Phone: 919-580-4034
Economic Services Fax Number: 919-731-1293
Child Protective Services Fax Number: 919-705-1742
Emergency Phone: 919-705-1729 (CPS Hotline)

Key Staff
Director: Kimberly McGuire

Business Officer: Vicky Hill, 919-731-1157

Human Services Deputy Director: VACANT

Income Maintenance Program Administrator II – All Economic Services Programs: Cynthia Juliano, 919-705-1831

Child Support Lead Supervisor: Vacant

Human Resources: Brenda Melvin, 919-731-1156

Social Work Program Manager – Adult Services, Work First, Day Care & Energy Programs: Nina Williams, 919-731-1097

Social Work Program Manager – Foster Care, Adoptions, Military & In-Home Services: Cortina Hamilton, 919-731-1077

Social Work Program Manager – CPS, CPS Intake, After Hours, & Assessments: Veta Ham, 919-731-1099

Adult Services Supervisors: Tammy Lance, 919-580-4075
Ashley Dawson, 919-731-1075

Adult and Child Protective Services Intake Supervisor: Sharon Williams, 919-731-1009

Foster Care Supervisor: Tracy Mayo, 919-731-1004

Adoptions Services Supervisor: Senikka Caldwell, 919-731-1084

Child Protective Services Supervisors: Rhonda Floyd, 919-731-1103
Octavia Muhammad, 919-731-1602
Sheila Pridgen, 919-731-1114
Tanita Dew, 919-731-1135 
Luis Carrasquillo, 919-731-1062

Adult Medicaid Supervisor: Barbara Cooley, 919-731-1072
Lou Jones, 919-731-1116

Food and Nutrition Supervisors and Program Integrity: Renee Smith, 919-731-1041
Carrie Woodard, 919-580-4076

Family and Children’s Medicaid Supervisors: Sherrie Kornegay, 919-731-1115
Patricia Hix, 919-705-1793

QA TEAM and NC FAST Coordination Supervisor: Jessica Barnes, 919-731-1604

Work First, Child Care & Medicaid Transportation Supervisor: April McAlduff, 919-731-1516

Energy Program Supervisor: Tammy Lance, 919-580-4075   

Economic Support Supervisor: Amy O’Connor, 919-731-1306

Child Support Supervisors: Lynn Price, 919-731-1644
Tenika Robinson, 919-731-1399 

County DSS Board

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation