Wilkes County Department of Social Services

Address: 304 College St., Wilkesboro, NC 28697
State Courier #: 15-10-09
Phone: 336-651-7400
Fax Number: 336-651-7568

Key Staff
Director: Kevin Brown

Administrative Officer: Jessica Wyatt, 336-651-7444

Child Welfare and Family Support Manager: Hal Wilson, 336-651-7404 

Child Protective Services, Program Manager: Jamie Morrison, 336-651-7488

Child Protective Services, Adoption Services, Supervisor: Stephanie Holbrook, 336-651-7548 

Adult Protective Services Supervisor/Adult Home Specialist: Marianne Beamon, 336-651-7564 

NC Health Choice and Family and Children's Medicaid Supervisor: Melissa Lilly, 336-903-7283 

Adult Medicaid Supervisor: Cristal Prince , 336-651-7413 

Food and Nutrition Service Supervisor: Elaine Vanstory, 336-651-7578

Work First Employment Program Supervisor/Child Day Care Subsidy Program Supervisor: Phyllis Myers, 336-903-7280

Child Support Enforcement Officer: Tammy Daniels, 336-651-7434 

Computer Systems Administrator: James Tedder, 336-651-7406 

County Health Board

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation