Income Withholding Information

Important information that employers need to know about withholding income from their employees for child support payments.

Child support payments must be made payable to NC Child Support and mailed to:
NC Child Support Centralized Collections 
PO Box 900012
Raleigh, NC 27675-9012

Checks that are unacceptable for deposit, such as an unacceptable payee name on the payment document, are returned to the sender.

Support payments must include the obligor's docket number and Master Participant Index (MPI) number. If employers withhold income for multiple employees they must specify the amount being withheld for each employee on the payment remittance form.

The telephone number of a contact person for the employer must accompany payments.

Employers have seven days from the date of withholding to submit child support payments for their employees, per G.S. 110-136.8(b). If employers fail to submit payments in a timely manner they can be subject to enforcement action for noncompliance.

Employers who submit checks that are returned for insufficient funds will lose their check writing privileges and face enforcement action per NC statutes.

Employers are obligated to withhold income in accordance with the laws of the state where the noncustodial parent is employed.