Information for Employers

Roles and Responsibilities of the Employer
Employers (of noncustodial parents who are expected to pay child support) are responsible for:

  • Providing information to verify the employment, wages and other information about their employees, as requested.
  • Withholding child support payments from their employees’ earnings and sending these payments to the NCCSCC.
  • Enrolling their employees’ children in health insurance plans, when available, and deducting the premiums from their employees’ earnings.
  • Attending court hearings when necessary under certain circumstances.
  • Reporting the hiring of new employees, whether or not they pay child support, as required by North Carolina law. CSS uses this New Hire reporting data to locate parents in an effort to establish and collect child support, to detect and prevent erroneous benefit payments and to prevent the erroneous receipt of public assistance payments.
  • Reporting terminated employees.


Centralized Collections operation (NCCSCC): Federal and state laws require that all child support payments be processed at one central location. The NCCSCC operation simplifies the wage withholding process by allowing employers to send a single check to one location for their North Carolina employees’ child support payments.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)/Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)EFT/EDI is an easy and efficient method for remitting child support payments; it offers an alternative to preparing checks and remittance documents.

Employer remittance documents: An ID and password are required to login this site.

How to Get Help (Custodial Parents, Noncustodial Parents and Employers)Get answers to frequently asked questions and other information.

Income withholding information: Employers are required to withhold income from their employees for child support payments.

Medical support information: CSS is required to seek medical support as a part of all child support orders.

NC Statutes Related to Child SupportNorth Carolina General Statutes relating to Child Support Services.

New Hires informationAccess the North Carolina New Hire Reporting Guide online.