NC Statutes Related to Child Support

Below are the North Carolina General Statutes relating to Child Support Services.

Chapter 1. Civil Procedure 
G.S. 1-47  [Statute of Limitations] Ten Years
G.S. 1-52  [Statute of Limitations] Three Years
G.S. 1-75.4  Personal jurisdiction, grounds for generally
G.S. 1-410  In what case arrest allowed
G.S. 1-440.2  Actions in which attachment may be had

Chapter 1A Rules of Civil Procedure
G.S. 1A-1  Rule 4 Process
G.S.1A-1   Rule 55 Default

Chapter 1C, Enforcement of Judgments
G.S. 1C-1601  What property exempt; waiver; exceptions
G.S. 1C-1702  (Enforcement of foreign judgements) Definitions

Chapter 5A. Contempt
G.S. 5A-11  Criminal contempt
G.S. 5A-12  Punishment; circumstances for fine or imprisonment reduction of punishment; other measures 
G.S. 5A-13  Direct and indirect criminal contempt; proceedings required
G.S. 5A-15  Plenary proceedings for contempt
G.S. 5A-16  Custody of person charged with criminal contempt
G.S. 5A-17  Appeals
G.S. 5A-21  Civil contempt; imprisonment to compel compliance
G.S. 5A-22  Release when civil; imprisonment to compel compliance 
G.S. 5A-23  Proceedings for civil contempt
G.S. 5A-24  Appeals
G.S. 5A-25  Proceedings as for contempt and civil contempt

Chapter 7A Judicial Department
G.S. 7A-178  Magistrate as child support hearing officer
G.S. 7A-183  Clerk or assistant clerk as child support hearing officer
G.S. 7A-244  (District court jurisdiction) Domestic relations
G.S. 7B-1111  Grounds for terminating Parental rights.
G.S. 7B-1112  Effective of termination order.

Chapter 8 Evidence 
G.S. 8-57   Husband and wife as witnesses in criminal actions
G.S. 8-57.2  Presumed father or mother as witnesses where paternity as issue

Chapter 14 Criminal Law
G.S. 14-322.1  Abandonment of child or children for six months
G.S. 14-325.1  When offense of failure to support child deemed committed in State

Chapter 15A Criminal Procedure Act
G.S. 15A-305  Order for arrest
G.S. 15A-531  (Bail) Definitions
G.S. 15A-534  Procedure for determining conditions of pretrial release
G.S. 15A-544.1  Forfeiture jurisdiction
G.S. 15A-1343  Conditions of probation
G.S. 15A-1344.1  Procedure to ensure payment of child support
G.S. 15A-1368.4  Conditions of post-release supervision

Chapter 20 Motor Vehicles
G.S. 20-17  Mandatory revocation of license by Division
G.S. 20-24  When court or child support enforcement agency to forward license to Division and report convictions, child support delinquencies, and prayers for judgment continued
G.S. 20-24.1  Revocation for failure to appear or pay fine, penalty or costs for motor vehicle offenses
G.S. 20-28  Unlawful to drivel while license revoked or while disqualified
G.S. 20-50.4  Division to refuse to register vehicles on which taxes are delinquent and when there is failure to meet court-ordered child support obligations
G.S. 20-179.3  Limited driving privilege

Chapter 44 Liens
G.S. 44-50  Receiving person charged with duty of retaining funds for purpose stated; evidence; attorney's fees; charges

Chapter 48 Adoptions
G.S.48-1-107  Other rights of adoptee
G.S.48-2-305  Petition for adoption; additional documents
G.S.48-3-607  Consequences of consent
G.S.48-3-705  Consequences of relinquishment

Chapter 48A Minors
G.S.48A-2  Age of minors

Chapter 49 Bastardy  
G.S.49-2  Nonsupport of child born out of wedlock by parents made misdemeanor
G.S.49-3  Place of birth of child no consideration
G.S.49-4  When prosecution may be commenced
G.S.49-5  Prosecution; death of mother no bar; determination of fatherhood
G.S.49-6  Mother not excused on ground of self-incrimination; not subject to penalty
G.S.49-7  Issues and orders
G.S.49-8  Power of court to modify orders, suspend sentence, etc.
G.S.49-9  Bond for future appearance of defendant
G.S.49-10  Legitimation
G.S.49-11  Effects of legitimation
G.S.49-12  Legitimation by subsequent marriage
G.S.49-12.1  Legitimation when mother married
G.S.49-13  New birth certificate on legitimation
G.S.49-14  Civil action to establish paternity
G.S.49-15  Custody and support of children born out of wedlock when paternity established.)
G.S.49-16  Parties to proceeding
G.S.49-17  Jurisdiction over nonresident or nonpresent persons

Chapter 50 Divorce and Alimony
G.S.50-8  Contents of complaint; verification; venue and service in action by nonresident; certain divorces validated
G.S.50-11.2  Judgment provisions pertaining to care, custody, tuition, and maintenance of minor children
G.S.50-13.4  Action for support of minor child
G.S.50-13.5  Procedure in actions for custody or support for minor children
G.S.50-13.6  Counsel fees in actions for custody and support of minor children
G.S.50-13.7  Modification of order for child support or custody
G.S.50-13.9  Procedure to insure payment of child support
G.S.50-13.10  Past due child support vested; not subject to retroactive
G.S.50-13.11  Orders and agreements regarding medical support an health insurance coverage for minor children
G.S.50-13.12  Forfeiture of licensing privileges for failure to pay child support
G.S.50-20  Distribution by court of marital and divisible property.G.S.50-30   [Expedited process] Findings; policy; and purpose
G.S.50-31  [Expedited process] Definitions
G.S.50-32  Disposition of cases within 60 days; extension
G.S.50-33  Waiver of expedited process requirement
G.S.50-34  Establishment of an expedited process
G.S.50-35  Authority and duties of a child support hearing officer
G.S.50-36  Child support procedures in districts with expedited process
G.S.50-37  Enforcement authority of child support hearing officer; contempt
G.S.50-38  Appeal from orders of the child support hearing officer
G.S.50-39  Qualifications of child support hearing officer

Chapter 50B Domestic Violence
G.S.50B-3  Relief

Chapter 52 Powers and Liabilities of Married Persons
G.S.52-10.1  Separation agreements

Chapter 52B Uniform Premarital Agreement Act
G.S.52B-4  Content [of agreements]

Chapter 52C Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
G.S.52C-1-101  Definitions
G.S.52C-1-102  State tribunal and support enforcement agencyG.S.52C-1-103 Remedies
G.S.52C-2-201  Bases For jurisdiction over nonresident
G.S.52C-2-202  Duration of personal jurisdiction
G.S.52C-2-203  Initiating and responding tribunal of this State
G.S.52C-2-204  Simultaneous proceedings in another state
G.S.52C-2-205  Continuing, exclusive jurisdiction to modify child support order
G.S.52C-2-206  Continuing jurisdiction to enforce child support orderG.S.52C-2-207  Determination of controlling child support orderG.S.52C-2-208 obliges Child support orders for two or more obligeesG.S.52C-2-209 Credit for payments
G.S.52C-3-301  Proceedings under this Chapter
G.S.52C-3-302  Proceeding by minor parentG.S.52C-3-303 Application of law of this State
G.S.52C-3-304  Duties of initiating tribunal
G.S.52C-3-305  Duties and powers of responding tribunal
G.S.52C-3-306  Inappropriate tribunal
G.S.52C-3-307  Duties of support enforcement agency
G.S.52C-3-308  oblige Duty of Department
G.S.52C-3-309  Duties of State information agency
G.S.52C-3-310  Pleadings and accompanying documents
G.S.52C-3-311  Nondisclosure of information in exceptional circumstances
G.S.52C-3-312  Costs and fees
G.S.52C-3-313  Limited immunity of petitioner
G.S.52C-3-314  Nonparentage as defense
G.S.52C-3-315  Special rules of evidence and procedure
G.S.52C-3-316  Communications between tribunals
G.S.52C-3-317  Assistance with discovery
G.S.52C-3-318  Receipt and disbursement of payments
G.S.52C-4-401  Establishment of support order
G.S.52C-5-501  Employer’s receipt of income-withholding order of another state
G.S.52C-5-502  Administrative enforcement of orders
G.S.52C-6-601  Registration of order for enforcement
G.S.52C-6-602  Procedure to register order for enforcement
G.S.52C-6-603  Effect of registration for enforcement
G.S.52C-6-604  Choice of law
G.S.52C-6-605  Notice of registration of order
G.S.52C-6-606  Procedure to contest validity or enforcement of registered order
G.S.52C-6-607  Contest of registration or enforcement
G.S.52C-6-608  Confirmed order
G.S.52C-6-609  Procedure to register child support order of another state for modification
G.S.52C-6-610  Effect of registration for modification
G.S.52C-6-611  Modification of child support order of another state
G.S.52C-6-612  Recognition of order modified in another state 
G.S.52C-7-701  Definitions
G.S.52C-8-801  Grounds for rendition
G.S.52C-8-802  Conditions of rendition
G.S.52C-9-901  Uniformity of application and construction
G.S.52C-9-902  Severability clause

Chapter 58 Insurance
G.S. 58-51-120  Coverage of children

Chapter 93B Occupational Licensing Boards
G.S. 93B-13  Revocation when licensing privilege forfeited for nonpayment of child support

Chapter 95 Department of Labor and Labor Regulations
G.S. 95-31  Acceptance by employer of assignment of wages

Chapter 96 Employment Security
G.S. 96-17  Protection of rights and benefits; deductions for child support obligations

Chapter 97 Workers' Compensation Act
G.S. 97-21  Claims unassignable and exempt from taxes and debts; agreement of employee to contribute to premium or waive right to compensation void; unlawful deduction by employer

Chapter 105A Setoff Debt Collection Act
G.S. 105A-2  Definitions
G.S. 105A-3  Remedy additional; mandatory usage; obtaining identifying information
G.S. 105A-4  Minimum sum collectible
G.S. 105A-5  Collection of sums due claimant agencies through setoff
G.S. 105A-6  Procedure for setoff 
G.S. 105A-9  Appeals from hearingsG.S. 105A-12 Priorities in claims to setoff 
G.S. 105A-13  Disposition of proceeds collected; collection assistance fees
G.S. 105A-14  Accounting to the claimant agency; credit to debtor's obligation
G.S. 105A-15  Confidentiality exemption; nondisclosure 
G.S. 105A-16  Rules and regulations

Chapter 108A Social Services
G.S. 108A-18  Duties and responsibilities
G.S. 108A-69  Employer obligations
G.S. 108A-70  Recoupment of amounts spent on medical care
G.S. 108A-80  Confidentiality of records

Chapter 110 Child Welfare
G.S. 110-128  Purposes
G.S. 110-129  Definitions
G.S. 110-130  Action by the designated representatives of the county commissioners
G.S. 110-130.1 Non-Work First service.
G.S. 110-130.2 Collection of spousal support
G.S. 110-131  Compelling disclosure of information respecting the non-supporting responsible parent of a child receiving public assistance
G.S. 110-132  Affidavit of parentage and agreement to motion to set aside affidavit of parentage.
G.S. 110-132.1 Paternity determination by another state entitled to full faith and credit
G.S. 110-133  Agreements of support
G.S. 110-134  Filing of affirmations, acknowledgments, agreements and orders; and fees
G.S. 110-135  Debt to State created
G.S. 110-136  Garnishment of enforcement of child-support obligation
G.S. 110-136.1 Assignment of wages for child support
G.S. 110-136.2 Use of unemployment compensation benefits for child support
G.S. 110-136.3 Income withholding procedures; applicability
G.S. 110-136.4 Implementation of withholding in IV-D cases
G.S. 110-136.5 Implementation of withholding in non-IV-D cases
G.S. 110-136.6 Amount to be withheld
G.S. 110-136.7 Multiple withholding
G.S. 110-136.8 Notice to payor; payor's responsibilities
G.S. 110-136.9 Payment of withheld funds
G.S. 110-136.10 Termination of withholding
G.S. 110-137  Acceptance of public assistance constitutes assignment of support rights to the State or county
G.S. 110-138  Duty of county to obtain support
G.S. 110-138.1 Duty of judicial officials to assist in obtaining support
G.S. 110-139  Location of absent parents
G.S. 110-139.1 Access to federal parent locator service; parental kidnapping and child custody cases
G.S. 110-140  Conformity with federal requirements
G.S. 110-141  Effectuation of intent of Article
G.S. 110-142  Definitions; suspension and revocation of occupational, professional, or business licenses of obligors who are delinquent in court-ordered child support or subject to outstanding warrants for failure to appear for failure to comply with terms of a court order for child support
G.S. 110-142.1 IV-D notified suspension, revocation, and issuance of occupational, professional, or business licenses of obligors who are delinquent in court-ordered child support or subject to outstanding warrants for failure to appear for failure to comply with terms of a court order for child support
G.S. 110-142.2 Suspension, revocation, restriction of license to operate a motor vehicle or hunting, fishing, or trapping licenses; refusal of registration of motor vehicle

Chapter 130A Public Health
G.S. 130A-101 Birth registration
G.S. 130A-118 Amendment of Birth and Death certificates
G.S. 130A-119 Clerk of Court to furnish State Registrar with facts as to paternity of illegitimate children judicially determined

Chapter 150B Administrative Procedure Act
G.S. 150B-3 Special provisions on licensing