Climate Change and Clean Energy: Plans and Progress

In Executive Order 80: North Carolina's Commitment to Address Climate Change and Transition to a Clean Energy Economy, Governor Roy Cooper laid out a series of goals for the state to strive to accomplish by 2025: 

  • Reduce statewide greenhouse gas emissions to 40 percent below 2005 levels
  • Increase the number of registered, zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) to at least 80,000
  • Reduce energy consumption per square foot in state-owned buildings by at least 40 percent from fiscal year 2002-2003 levels

EO80 creates the Climate Change Interagency Council to help the cabinet agencies work together to achieve those goals. The NC Department of Health and Human Services is part of the Climate change Interagency Council.


Proposed Next Steps for DHHS


The majority of the DHHS facilities are more than 50 years old. Without significant investment, these facilities cannot be retro-fitted or updated to achieve major energy efficiencies. However, efficiencies can be accomplished by reducing the footprint and reducing underutilized space, which in turn will result in an overall energy consumption reduction.

DHHS, in conjunction with the Facility Maintenance Directors, will perform an analysis of state-owned DHHS facilities to determine opportunities for consolidating underutilized buildings. These facilities are to assign an Energy Manager to assist the Agency Energy Manager.

Among the DHHS Facilities projects with high potential energy savings are:
a.    Tune-up boilers
b.    Ensure proper operation of steam traps
c.    Identify and repair utility leaks
d.    Verify proper settings of HVAC equipment and outdoor air dampers

Other potential energy saving projects include:
a.    Replace fluorescent lighting with LED lighting
b.    Implement temperature setbacks in non-patient areas
c.    Replace equipment motors with premium efficiency motors


Post Green Purchase Product Criteria for incorporation into future contracts for public comments for the products such as the ones listed below:

Product Preferred Features
Cleaner Non-toxic
Green seal of approval
Hand Soap Non-toxic
Green seal of approval
Paper Towels Recycled content
Green Seal of Approval
Plastic Trash Can Liner Recycled content
Green Seal of Approval
Upholstery/Rug Cleaner Green Seal of Approval