Home Care Independence

What is home care independence?

Home care independence is a consumer-directed in-home care program that allows an older adult to hire family, friends, or others as a caregiver or personal assistant. The personal assistant helps individuals who have functional, physical or mental impairments accomplish daily activities. Individuals may require both personal care (e.g. bathing, dressing, feeding) and home management (e.g. cooking, cleaning) assistance to be able to remain safely in their home settings. A care advisor helps the individual consider options and offers advice on how to self-direct care as a participant in the program. Payroll assistance is provided by a financial management service. 

Who qualifies for home care independence?

Individuals who are 60 years of age or older, live at home, and have home management and/or personal care needs. Individuals must need the service for the following reasons:

Individuals are unable to carry out one or more tasks essential to the activities of daily living (e.g. toileting, ambulation) or instrumental activities of daily living (e.g. laundry, shopping), and need help with these tasks to remain in their own home.

Individuals must be able to direct their own care or have someone who does this for them. 

How do I access the service?

The Division of Aging and Adult Services does not directly provide these services.  The division provides financial support through grant funding for local providers to offer these services and unfortunately this service is not provided in every county. Click on the link below to find a local provider.
Home Care Independence Provider Directory

What else should I consider?

A person who directs the care for an individual cannot also be the paid caregiver.
This service is appropriate for individuals whose needs can be met safely in the home by family members or other informal caregivers.

This service does not provide enough assistance to replace facility-based services for individuals who require ongoing care, supervision, or monitoring by a nurse or other health care professional.

Community Alternatives Program/DA is a Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waiver program that provides a cost-effective alternative to institutionalization for a Medicaid beneficiary who is medically fragile and at risk for institutionalization. Consumer-direction is a service delivery model that allows a CAP/DA Medicaid beneficiary or designated representative to act in the role of employer of record to direct their personal care services. If you have Medicaid refer to: Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults (CAP/DA) | NC Medicaid (ncdhhs.gov)  

How do I learn more about home care independence?

For more information email the NC Division of Aging and Adult Services Home Care Independence Consultant or call 919-855-3400.    

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