Information and Options Counseling

What is Information and Options Counseling?

Information and Options Counseling is a service that considers peoples’ needs and preferences and connects them with available resources. There are three levels to this service.

Information includes informing individuals about programs and services, identifying the types of assistance they need and connecting them to appropriate service providers.

Assistance is a more intensive service for those persons who require additional help with finding appropriate services and programs.

Options Counseling is a process where individuals receive decision support as they make informed choices about potential services and supports. Individuals then take the lead in carrying out their personalized Action Plan.

Who qualifies for Information and Options Counseling?

Individuals who are 60 years of age or older or someone acting on behalf of a person age 60 or older and who need information about services or referrals to services.

Options Counseling may be helpful to individuals who:

  • do not know how to access long-term services and supports.
  • need information about moving from one living setting to another.
  • lack awareness of existing community resources and supports.
  • want to plan for future long-term support needs.

How do I access the service? 

Information and Options Counseling is offered by local service providers supported by the Home and Community Care Block Grant. Click on the link below to find a program in your area. 
Information and Options Counseling Provider Directory 

How do I get more information about Information and Options Counseling?

For more information email the NC Division of Aging and Adult Services Information and Options Counseling Program Consultant or call 919-855-3400.