Housing and Home Improvement Assistance

What is housing and home improvement?

Housing and home improvement services provide minor repairs to owner and renter occupied homes. Renter occupied homes must have written permission from the landlord. There are four categories of home improvement services: security enhancements; minor home repairs; mobility and accessibility improvements; and basic household furnishings/home appliance repair, replacement or purchase. An agency may select which categories to provide.

Who qualifies for housing and home improvement?

Individuals who are 60 years of age or older are qualified. 

How do I access and learn more about the service?

Housing and home improvement services are offered by local service providers supported by the Home and Community Care Block Grant. Click on the list link below to find a program in your area.  Call the local agency that provides home repair services in your county for more information.  You may also contact the Division of Aging and Adult Services at 919-855-3400 for this information.

Local Housing and Home Improvement Provider List


Important Considerations

Housing and home improvement services are limited to $7000 per individual and only allowable if the individual has no one able and willing to perform the services for them.

Funds cannot be used to pay for rent, utility bills, food, medicine, security deposits, utility deposits, taxes, home improvements negatively affecting the structural integrity of the home, home improvements that are the obligation of the landlord, or duplication of any home improvement service to the same housing unit for three consecutive years following receipt of the initial service.