What is CIE?

Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) means:

  • Working in the community alongside other employees without disabilities.
  • Earning at least minimum wage.
  • Getting the same workplace benefits and opportunities as other employees doing the same job.

CIE includes full-time and part-time work for an employer, as well as self-employment and small business ownership. CIE is for everyone. All North Carolinians - even those with the most significant disabilities - can work in CIE with the right job supports in place. CIE does not include work in sheltered, non-integrated settings, work that pays less than minimum wage, or work that does not offer advancement opportunities.

Working in CIE is a great way to connect with others, boost confidence, build skills, increase stability, and improve overall health. Working and earning money opens doors to new things, such as living in your own place, having more choices about how to spend your free time, and having other opportunities that can positively impact your life.

Businesses also benefit when hiring from the diverse, overlooked talent pool of workers with disabilities. Research demonstrates that disability-inclusive companies out perform their peers and report higher profits, increased innovation, and improved productivity.

To learn about employment services that support CIE under Inclusion Works, visit our Get Started with CIE page. Contact your local vocational rehabilitation office to get help achieving your goals for CIE.

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