Programs to Find and Maintain Housing

There are several program areas to assist people to find and maintain housing. These programs help people who:

  • Have extremely low income
  • Disabilities
  • May be homeless

Assistance is offered to those living in or moving to North Carolina in the following areas:

  • Identifying rental housing locations
  • Guidance relating to landlord tenant relations and tenant’s rights and responsibilities
  • Reasonable accommodations and reasonable modifications opportunities
  • Identifying agencies that assist with foreclosure prevention
  • Identifying grants or loans for home repair
  • Reverse mortgage counseling referrals
  • Providing operation of the North Carolina Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program which provides funding to nonprofits and local governments for the following activities:
  • Homeless shelter operations and services
  • Rapid re-housing services
  • Homelessness prevention services

More Information

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US Department of Housing and Urban Development.
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