The Division of Aging and Adult Services of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is required by federal and state laws to submit a State Aging Plan every four years as a guide for the aging and adult services population in North Carolina. 


What is a State Aging Plan?

  • Highlights goals, objectives, and strategies aimed at assisting older adults, their families and caregivers, and persons with disabilities.

  • Serves as a valuable tool for planning/tracking all efforts on behalf of older adults, particularly in optimizing the state's home and community-based service system.

  • Reflects extensive input from the community, actively considering the needs of populations facing racial and ethnic disparities.

When is the 2023-2027 plan released?

  • July 1, 2023


For more information about the 2023-2027 State Aging Plan and opportunities for collaboration on objectives/strategies, please contact Divya Venkataganesan.

Six Goals of the 2023-2027 State Aging Plan: Advancing Equity in Aging

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Goal: Protect the rights of Older North Carolinians by preventing abuse, neglect, and exploitation by using a multi-disciplinary approach 

Goal: Support programs and partnerships that improve the health and well-being of Older North Carolinians. 

Goal: Adopt an equity-centered housing lens approach to enable older adults to age in their place of choice with the appropriate services, supports, and housing opportunities. 

 Goal: Advance equity, acccessibility, and inclusion through informal and format caregiving support. 

 Goal: Incorporate innovative practices and create reliable systems and infrastructures that prepare us for the future of NC, all while recognizing the need for communication equity to help foster involvement from all stakeholders. 

 Goal: Advance equity by supporting and encouraging older adults of all backgrounds and their support systems to access information that helps them make informed choices about support services at home or in the community.