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Proposed Readopted Rules

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, Periodic Review and Expiration of Existing Rules, all rules are reviewed at least every 10 years or they shall expire. As a result of the periodic review of 10A NCAC 06Q, 06R, 06S and 06T, 11 rules were determined as "Necessary With Substantive Public Interest” and 10 rules were determined as “Technical”. Substantive changes have been made to the proposed readoption rules through removal of outdated language, incorporation of previously submitted comments, and technical changes.

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Mailing Address:

  • NC Division of Aging & Adult Services
    Attn: Misty Piekaar-McWilliams
    2101 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh, NC 27699
  • Public Hearing
    Date: March 26, 2019
    Time: 10:00 a.m.
    Location: Taylor Building, Rm 301, 693 Palmer Drive, Raleigh, NC 27603
  • The fiscal note for 10A NCAC 06S .0301 was approved by OSBM on 2/7/2019 - Fiscal Note
  • Rules 10A NCAC 06Q, 06R, 06S and 06T were approved by DHHS on 2/6/2019 and Rules 10A NCAC 06R, 06S and 06T were approved by the Social Services Commission on 2/7/2019
  • Federal Certification required by G.S. 150B-19.1(g)
    Not applicable for these rules
  • Procedure for Legislative Review
Rule Description
10A NCAC 06Q

  Adult Day Care  

10A NCAC 06Q .0101

  Adult Day Care Standards (Readopt)  

10A NCAC 06Q .0201

  Maximum Reimbursement Rates (Readopt)  


10A NCAC 06R

Adult Day Care Standards for Certification

10A NCAC 06R .0101

Certification Requirement (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0102

Corrective Action (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0201

Definitions (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0302

Program Goals (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0304

Insurance (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0305

Personnel: Centers: Homes with operator & staff


10A NCAC 06R .0401

General Requirements (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0403

Equipment and Furnishings (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0501

Planning Program Activities (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0502

Nutrition (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0503

Transportation (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0504

Emergencies and First Aid (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0506

Hours and Days of Operation (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0508

Records (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0509

Program Evaluation (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0601

Procedure (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0801

The Certificate (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0802

Provisional Certificate (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0804

Denial or Revocation of Certificate (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0806

Procedure for Appeal (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0902

Policies and Procedures (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06R .0904

Enrollment – Special Care Services (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06S

Adult Day Health Standards for Certification

10A NCAC 06S .0101

Introductory Statement (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06S .0102

Definitions (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06S .0203

Staffing Pattern (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06S .0204

Staff Requirements (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06S .0301

Requirements (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06S .0302

Construction Requirements for Day Health Homes


10A NCAC 06S .0402

Additional Enrollment & Participation Requirements (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06S .0403

Health and Personal Care Services (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06S .0404

Transportation (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06S .0405

Emergencies and First Aid (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06S .0501

Procedure (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06S .0508

Procedure for Appeal (Readopt)

10A NCAC 06T

State Adult Day Care Funding

10A NCAC 06T .0201

Nature & Purpose of State Adult Day Care Fund


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