Driving While Impaired

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Telehealth DWI Program Guidance

Finding a DWI Services Provider

Use our Provider Database to find providers in your area. If you cannot find the services you need in your county, they may be available in surrounding counties.Use the map below to locate the names of counties surrounding yours.

DWI Conviction and Process

If you have been convicted of a DWI (Driving While Impaired), you must get a substance use assessment. You must also complete either an education program or treatment program. If you fail to submit to a breath test or if you are registered over 0.14%, you will be referred to treatment. To get your driver's license re-instated, you must complete a DWI Substance Use Assessment.

  • All assessments must be conducted in person by an authorized DWI provider.
  • You are required to bring your court papers to the assessment.
  • The assessor must have a copy of your "Complete Driving History" from the DMV.

Assessments must follow American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria to decide your needs. If you are not given a diagnosis, you will be referred to an education program.

  • The provider is required to inform you of other local providers who offer the service you need.
  • The provider may not charge a fee to transfer your case to another in-state provider.
  • The provider may charge for special services and for handling out-of-state cases.

Alcohol Drug Education Traffic School (ADETS)

ADETS is an educational program for someone with a DWI conviction. This program is for people who don’t have an identified substance use disorder but may be at risk for these disorders.

PRIME for Life is the educational program used in all the ADETS in North Carolina. The program’s goal is prevention of any type of alcohol or drug problem and the health problems these lead to.

Educational Information for ADETS Clients

Treatment Considerations

  • You have a right to professional and ethical services based upon your level of need
  • You may be asked to sign a treatment contract
  • You must have a certified counselor
  • Treatment groups must be conducted by trained therapists. Groups must be limited to 20 clients and must be conducted for the scheduled period of time

DWI: Living Outside of North Carolina

If you live outside of North Carolina and:

  1. Have been convicted of a DWI (Driving While Impaired) in North Carolina
  2. Have been convicted of driving while less than 21 years old after consuming alcohol or other drugs in North Carolina

You must complete a substance use assessment and recommended education or treatment to get your license back.

  • If you complete a substance use assessment and the required substance abuse education or treatment outside of North Carolina, you must choose a North Carolina DWI services provider to review and approve it.
  • It is best to contact a North Carolina provider before you begin your services.

The authorized North Carolina DWI provider will:

  • Complete the review
  • Process the information
  • Complete a Certificate of Completion (e-508 form) to resolve the outstanding DWI offense on your North Carolina record

You should receive a copy of the Certificate of Completion from the provider to keep for your records.

Out of State DWI Resources

For more information: 
DWI Services 


Para asistencia en español, porfavor llamar 984-236-5108