COVID-19 and Behavioral Health

COVID-19 and State-Funded Services

DMHDDSAS is committed to maximizing the reach and flexibility of North Carolina’s behavioral health and I/DD services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are the flexibilities and other resources we have put in place to help ensure consumers, providers, and LME/MCOs are able to maintain service levels during this time. 

Policy Flexbilities 

Below are Temporary Alternative Service Definitions (ASD) that will be in place during the pandemic. Although each has been requested by one LME/MCO, they have been approved for all of North Carolina’s LME/MCOs to utilize at their discretion and within available resources.

Temporary ASD Approval Memo Requesting LME/MCO
Assertive Engagement Memo Trillium Health Resources
Disaster Outreach and Engagement for IDD Memo Trillium Health Resources
Home Monitoring through Virtual Supervision systems (HMVS) Memo Trillium Health Resources
Disaster Individual Rehabilitation, Coordination, and Support (DIRCS) Services. Memo Trillium Health Resources
Psychosocial Rehabilitation During Disaster Memo Alliance Health
Rapid Response Team (RRT) Memo Trillium Health Resources
TIP-Comprehensive Clinical Support (CCS) Memo Cardinal Innovations Healthcare
Case Support YP215 Memo Cardinal Innovations Healthcare
ASD Day Treatment During Disaster Memo Alliance Health


Codes and Resources
Document Date Updated
DWI Services Program Guidance March 27, 2020
COVID-19 Service Guidance for State Funded Behavioral Health Services March 26, 2020
3-Way Bed Guidance March 26, 2020

Managing Your Mental Health 

Managing your own mental health and building resilience are important, especially now.

The Hope4NC Helpline (1-855-587-3463) connects North Carolinians to additional mental health and resilience supports that help them cope and build resilience during times of crisis. 

The Hope4Healers Helpline (919-226-2002) is a new initiative in partnership with the North Carolina Psychological Foundation. It provides mental health and resilience supports for health care professionals, emergency medical specialists, first responders, other staff who work in health care settings and their families throughout the state who are experiencing stress from being on the front lines of the state’s COVID-19 response.

The NC DHHS COVID-19 Response page has additional resources to help manage your mental and overall health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other Resources 

DMHDDSAS has developed some strategies for counties to support behavioral health and I/DD services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Calls and Webinars

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