Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD)

A developmental disability:

  • Is chronic
  • Begins at birth or during childhood
  • Adversely affects an individual's daily living and functioning

Developmental disabilities can be caused by a mental impairment, a physical impairment or a combination of both mental and physical. This can result in limited functions, including:

  • Caring for oneself
  • Difficulties with communication
  • Difficulties with learning
  • Difficulties with mobility or moving around
  • Difficulties making decisions for oneself
  • Difficulties living independently
  • Being financially self-sufficient

If you have been diagnosed with a developmental disability, you can benefit from comprehensive, long-term services and live a more independent life. If you were diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury by the age of 22, you may be eligible for IDD services. Please refer to G.S. 122C-3(12a).

National Core Indicators®

National Core Indicators (NCI)® is a national program utilizing a set of surveys for public developmental disabilities agencies to measure and track their own performance. Find more information


Accessing I/DD Services in NC (Color and Black/White): This document provides information and resources to access I/DD services and other benefits in NC.

Decision-Making Support Options in NC (Color and Black/White): This document previews alternatives to guardianship and provides resources that individuals with I/DD and natural supports may explore to promote the least restrictive decision-making supports.

Get a health plan that covers services for I/DD (Tailored Plan): Behavioral Health and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Tailored Plans (or “Tailored Plans”) are Medicaid health plans for people with certain health needs, including people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They start July 1, 2024. Learn more about Tailored Plans.

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