Annual Synar Report

Annual Synar Report

Consumer Perception of Care

Consumer Perception of Care Reports

Financial/Statistical Reports

Block Grants:
SABG (Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant)
ATR (Access to Recovery Block Grant)
MHBG (Community Mental Health Services Block Grant)

General Assembly

Reports to the General Assembly
Including: Death & Restraint Laws/Rules Compliance, DWI, General.

Local Management Entities/Managed Care Organization Reports

Reimbursement Rates by Service and Provider


Records Management and Documentation Manual (RM&DM)

Performance Contracts Quarterly Report

This report shows each Local Management Entity – Managed Care Organization’s (LME-MCO) performance (timeliness, completeness, accuracy) each quarter on submitting data and reports to the Division of MHDDSAS required by its Performance Contract with the NC DHHS.
Performance Contracts Quarterly Reports