NC-TOPPS Reports

The NC Treatment Outcomes and Program Performance System (NC-TOPPS) Annual Statewide Report is aggregate data by consumer group which includes demographics of the population served, treatment demographics, substance use, employment, education, housing, maternal/perinatal outcomes, and service needs/satisfaction.

Similar reports are available to the Local Management Entity/Managed Care Organizations (LME/MCO) and participating NC-TOPPS provider agency Super Users through the NC-TOPPS Simple Query Report. The Simple Query Report is an excellent resource for monitoring service quality, assessing service and support needs based on consumer feedback and for monitoring outcomes for accreditation purposes.

The NC-TOPPS Outcomes at a Glance 2.0 dashboard is available to the general public and provides a dashboard that measure outcomes for particular age/disability group by local area, provider agencies and services.

Annual Reports

Tab/Accordion Items

Mental Health Initial Interview Only

Mental Health Initial Interview matched with Update Interview

Substance Abuse Initial Interview Only

Substance Abuse Initial Interview matched with Update Interview