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DSS Public Notices

Social Services Commission Public Notices

North Carolina Community Child Protection Team 2017 End of Year Report

2018 Notice to Food and Nurition Services Recipents - Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA)

2019 LIHEAP Block Grant

2019-21 Respite Services Notice of Funding Availability

2019-21 RFA Respite Services Application

2019-21 RFA Respite Services RFA Questions and Answers

Respite Award Notice

2018 TANF Caseload Reduction Credit Report

2018 CSBG Public Notice

2018-19 Community Service Block Grant

Post Adoption Support Services RFA 

Post Adoption Support Services RFA Q&A

Post Adoption Support Services Award Notice

Disaster Poster- Color-Bilingual - STOP

Disaster Poster- Color-Bilingual - WARNING

Community Response Application 

Community Response Program Application Webinar

Community Response Program Q&A

Children's Trust Fund Request for Applications

Children’s Trust Fund Request for Applications Webinar 

Children's Trust Fund FAQs

Intensive Family Preservation Services Request for Applications

Intensive Family Preservation Services RFA #09001-19 Questions and Answers 

Award Notice

2017 Notice to Food And Nutrition Services Recipients

2017 Notice to Food and Nutrition Services Recients-Spanish

Child Welfare Evaluation RFP

Child Welfare Listening Session - Sept. 19, 2018

Child Welfare Listening Session - Aug. 22, 2018

Child Welfare Listening Session - Aug. 15, 2018

Public Notice: LIHEAP Block Grant Plan

Child Welfare Listening Session - June 20, 2018

Child Welfare Listening Session - June 18, 2018

Social Services Block Grant Plan - June 16-28, 2018

Public Notice: Child and Family Services Performance Improvement Plan

Weatherization Waiver